Adblock is missing the Block Element Button

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Adblock is missing the Block Element Button

Post by GIRGHGH »

I use this feature all the time to streamline my experience online, and when my computer updated and I reopened my browser, the button for it was just gone. Was this removed or did I do something that broke it? Also if it was removed, does anybody know of an alternative?

Edit: I toggled on then off "Turn on debug element hiding filters mode" and that seemed to fix it, nevermind.
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Re: Adblock is missing the Block Element Button

Post by Zero-Blade »

The option does not work for Youtube and the block element button from the abp dropdown does not show. Any other suggestions?
Forgot to add - the right-click menu object is also missing.

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Re: Adblock is missing the Block Element Button

Post by lizaH »

Block button often not available on websites I visit. Sometimes it appears if I turn Adblock Plus off and then on again. Does not appear at all on Instagram. It worked before I paid for Premium. Very frustrating.
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Re: Adblock is missing the Block Element Button

Post by greiner »

This problems appears to be caused due to some changes we made in preparation for the upcoming switch over to the Manifest v3 extension system that Chrome and other browsers are going to enforce next year. As part of that, the button can disappear on certain pages that appear to be loaded multiple times and therefore make the extension forget that this feature is active on the page.

We created an issue for it and are currently testing a fix (see ... ssues/1303), which is scheduled to be part of the next major extension release. But we're also looking into whether a dedicated bugfix release is appropriate, which could get the fix out earlier.

Note that this problem is not related to Premium. It affects Premium and non-Premium users the same way.
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