Adblock donation (fraud?)

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Adblock donation (fraud?)

Post by sermilan »

I've just got a popup from adblock plus to donate, but the site was ""
The page looks exactly the same as your donation page, but this prefix "new" in the site address confuses me. Is it you or is this someone trying to score on your behalf?

Unfortunatelly, I don't see the way to attach the screenshot of the page with its web address.
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Re: Adblock donation (fraud?)

Post by greiner »

Thanks for checking back with us because it's always good to have a close look at any page before trusting it, especially if it's asking for money.

In this particular case, it is indeed coming from us (see blog post). It's our second attempt at trying out this way of asking for donations so any feedback is very much appreciated.
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Re: Adblock donation (fraud?)

Post by jaxonjones »

im only seeing this now. I'm have Firefox.

if it continues without option to stop it i will be removing your program from my pcs
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