$domain problem

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$domain problem

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the following,

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shouldn't whitelist (but it does), doesn't the use of $domain specifically mean the website you're visiting?

http://www.google-analytics.com/__utm.g ... odules.com[/b]&utmr=-&utmp=/translate_my_page_gadget&utmac=UA-1043770-1&utmcc=__utma%3D123692957.1751014779.1235247520.1235247520.1235247520.1%3B%2B__utmb%3D123692957%3B%2B__utmc%3D123692957%3B%2B__utmz%3D123692957.1235247520.1.1.utmccn%3D(referral)%7Cutmcsr%3Dnauscopio.nireblog.com%7Cutmcct%3D%2F%7Cutmcmd%3Dreferral%3B%2B

example: http://nauscopio.nireblog.com/
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See http://adblockplus.org/forum/viewtopic. ... 3191#23191 and the following posts. The domain of the frame is the one that counts for $domain, and the frame is

ht*p://www.gmodules.com/ig/ifr?url=http://www.google.com/ig/modules/transl ... log.com%2F
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Re: $domain problem

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Here you go fanboy:
Someday we'll have better overview of which frames and sites certain items are loaded from.
Dr. Evil's suggestion about a Tree structured blockable items list certainly looks interesting.

fanboy wrote:

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The only way to really control this .google-analytics. for now, is to go "one level up" and control where gmodules.com frames are allowed to be loaded from.
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