Adblock Plus 0.5.10 Release Notes

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Adblock Plus 0.5.10 Release Notes

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Adblock Plus 0.5.10

New Features:
  1. New context menu options like cut, copy, paste and select all.
  2. Ability to select multiple filters via mouse drag or crtl+click.
  3. Can now sync with multiple filtersets by seperating the paths with a '|' character.
  4. Importing or manually synching now allows you to cancel the action.
  5. Syntax highlighting for white filters.
  6. Seperated Site Blocking and Site Whitelisting from filter list to its own UI.
  7. Added support for background images.
  8. Allow editing of the filter that's displayed as blocking an image under the Ad-blockable items dialog.
  9. Improved the colour of a blocked element under Ad-blockable items when selected to be more readable.

  1. Fixed error where Adblock kept changing back to text display after changing another setting.
  2. Fixed an issue where the status bar icon would disappear if located on the left hand side of the status bar.
  3. Fixed image ALT text shows instead of image until mouseover on Firefox 1.6.
  4. Fixed original replacement page for a blocked site.
  5. Fixed issue where Flash Player 8 objects disappear with Obj-tabs enabled.

Added Locales:
  1. Added Brazilian locale (thanks to Sergio Abreu and Alessandro Nakamuta)
  2. Added Polish locale (thanks to Teo)

Known Issues:
  1. Always uses en-US locale on Mozilla, see Bug 216489.
  2. Files installed to application directory even though profile is chosen on Mozilla install.
  3. Check Parent Links fails in Firefox 1.0 on some sites.
  4. Adblock causes Firefox 1.6 to crash on java applets, see Bug 309706.
  5. Site blocked page doesn't display in Firefox 1.6.

NB: If Firefox stalls for a long time when loading pages or you experience crashes and have the session saver extension installed then try disabling the "Check DIV Elements" preference.
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