Safari 7.0.1 interferes with YouTube comment loading

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Don Ottrack

Re: Safari 7.0.1 interferes with YouTube comment loading

Post by Don Ottrack »

I really don't know what is going on with YouTube - its behaviour is changing throughout the day. One minute there are no adverts - next there is an advert on every video. It's the same with the comments and video information but that problem came and went less frequently. It wasn't just a case of the page loading slowly - I embed videos in a blog posts and was trying to get all the information - I had watched them in their entirety which would have given the page ample time to load.

My YouTube page currently takes almost two minutes to fully load with ABP enabled but it takes almost a minute with ABP disabled - I am not experiencing such slow loading with any other site so it may be YouTube messing around. As I mentioned, and posted about previously, there has been a lot of weird things happening on YouTube.
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Re: Safari 7.0.1 interferes with YouTube comment loading

Post by jacobhue »

Safari 7.0.1 seems to have a bug that causes it to interfere with loading comments on YouTube videos.

Trying to load a comment from the bottom of the page simply reloads the video instead.

For example, this video has 101 comments, but when you press down on the video's timeline, nothing happens. Safari claims there are no more comments available, even though you can clearly see 101 right there at the bottom of the page.

This behavior also occurs when using Safari's developer tools to inspect the HTML for a given video to see how comments are loaded: opening up the inspector and scrolling down to find the next comment will cause Safari to reload the video again.

This doesn't happen in Chrome or Firefox.
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Re: Safari 7.0.1 interferes with YouTube comment loading

Post by singhvert12 »

I noticed that my ABP extension was updated yesterday at 18:54 GMT so something changed.
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