Can't open find bar in pref window

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Can't open find bar in pref window

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Firefox Aurora 26.0a2
Adblock plus 2.3.2 and
Windows 7 home premium

can't open find bar in pref window of ABP

steps to reproduce: pref window of ABP
2.hit Ctrl+f or click find button

expected behavior:
open find bar

When I open the pref window of ABP, a message TypeError: this._browser.finder is undefined, in findbar.xml:260 appears in Browser Console. And when I click find button, I see TypeError: this.browser.finder is undefined, in findbar.xml:479 too.

I guess changes about find bar in Firefox may be related to this.

914180 – Backout moving findbar to the top
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Re: Can't open find bar in pref window

Post by blandead »

Firefox Nightly 27.0a1
Adblock Plus
Win 7 Pro x64

I have the SAME problem and it's been driving me CRAZY.

I'm on Firefox Nightly 27, and I know for a fact it was some preference in firefox 27 that messed it up because I loaded my laptop up which I haven't updated in weeks. Everything working good.... Synced all my adblock plus rules to match, everything is good... Eventually firefox wanted to restart to update, and Find never worked since. Maybe it's another Ctrl+F conflict like how you had to change "Select an element to hide" before.

Funny part is if I open all blockable items, right click one that is blocked, click edit filter in effect... it goes straight to it with no delay. How does it search and find that, but not through Ctrl+F or the Find button?
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Re: Can't open find bar in pref window

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