Request to distributre AdBlock on CDROM

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Request to distributre AdBlock on CDROM

Post by terri »


I am creating a CDROM to be distributed to all incoming students of the University of Newcastle, Australia

The CD will be sent to 8000 new students in January 2007.

Can I get your permission to include
on the CD? Or would you prefer I distribute AdBlock Plus instead? If so, which file should I distributre?

I would also like to link to for more information
and link to
to install the latest version online.

Thank you very much in advance. I look forward to your reply.

helping ghost

Post by helping ghost »

This forum is only for Adblock Plus. So you can expect only answers for Adblock Plus here, not for old Adblock.

The differences are explained at .

The lastest Adblock Plus version you can get here: .

I do not believe, that distribution of Adblock Plus on a CD should be problem. In contrast, I think, that it is even appreciated (see last headword).
But if you want to hear the developers (Wladimir Palant) opinion, just wait, he is coming by every few days; so I am sure, he will answer you soon.
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Post by chewey »

helping ghost wrote:This forum is only for Adblock Plus. So you can expect only answers for Adblock Plus here, not for old Adblock.
However, I, as an Adblock Plus user and filter list maintainer would strongly suggest
using Adblock Plus: It is more powerful, has good subscriptions (i.e. set and forget
for most users) and is actively maintained.

Post by XPM »

Wladimir Palant, the Adblock Plus core developer can be contacted at

Requesting permission to distribute AdBlock Plus

Post by terri »


Thanks for the information about Adblock Plus. I would now like to include Adblock Plus on my CDROM instead of Adblock. I hope to receive permission soon from one of the developers or copyright holders.

Wladimir Palant

Post by Wladimir Palant »

I don't think I received a mail from you regarding this so here you have my permission. Technically you don't even need it since Adblock Plus is under MPL license which explicitely allows unmodified redistribution.
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