My adblocking rules populated but not shown

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My adblocking rules populated but not shown

Post by Hubird »

I doubt you will be able to reproduce this because I don't even know how I managed to get ABP into such a state.

When I opened the ABP preferences window neither of the "My rules" sections were shown but when I tried to add a rule I was warned that the my adblocking rules section was disabled. I doubled check and it was defiantly not visible. The only way I was eventually able to make it visible was click on enable link provided in the warning. Upon expanding this section there was actually one rule in there. :?

Perhaps you can look over the code and see if anything obvious stands out.

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Wladimir Palant

Re: My adblocking rules populated but not shown

Post by Wladimir Palant »

Actually, I know how you got there. You can disable the section and remove all filters from it after that. An empty section won't show up - but it is still disabled. I guess it should enable automatically if all filters are removed, no point keeping it disabled in this case.
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