How to hide links out of site ?

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How to hide links out of site ?

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Like CORS, hide out link ads.
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Re: How to hide links out of site ?

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If you want to hide links on a website or hide outbound links from appearing in the browser's address bar, it is not possible to do so using standard web technologies like CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing). CORS is a mechanism that allows servers to specify who can access their resources, but it doesn't affect how links are displayed or hidden in the browser.

However, if you're looking to hide outbound links from being detected by ad blockers or to prevent users from easily seeing the destination URL, you can employ a technique called URL masking or URL cloaking. Please note that while URL masking can be used for legitimate purposes, it is also commonly used for malicious activities. It's important to use it responsibly and transparently.

Here's a basic overview of how URL masking works:

Set up a server-side script: You'll need a server-side script (e.g., PHP, Python, or Node.js) to handle the URL masking process. This script will act as an intermediary between your website and the destination URL.

Receive the request: When a user clicks on a disguised link on your website, the server-side script intercepts the request.

Fetch the destination URL: The server-side script retrieves the content from the destination URL using methods like cURL or file_get_contents.

Return the content: The server-side script sends the retrieved content back to the user's browser, making it appear as if the content is coming from your website.

It's important to note that while URL masking can hide the destination URL from the user, it doesn't prevent someone with technical knowledge from inspecting network traffic or analyzing the source code to determine the true destination.

Again, it's essential to use URL masking responsibly and in line with ethical practices, as deceptive or malicious use can have negative consequences.
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Re: How to hide links out of site ?

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😇🤚''Deliberately hiding links on a website, especially for deceptive purposes, goes against ethical and search engine guidelines. Such practices can lead to penalties and negatively impact a website's search engine ranking. However, if you have legitimate reasons for manipulating link visibility, consider using CSS techniques. You can apply styles to set a link's display property to "none" or use positioning to move it off-screen. This method can be used for accessibility improvements, such as providing text alternatives for screen readers, but it should be done transparently and responsibly. Always prioritize ethical and user-friendly practices to maintain a positive online presence and adhere to web development standards.''
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Re: How to hide links out of site ?

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If you're asking about hiding links on a webpage so that they are not visible to users, it's important to note that this can be considered deceptive and may violate ethical guidelines or terms of service on many platforms. It's generally recommended to be transparent and honest when presenting information to users.

However, there are scenarios where you might want to control the visibility of links for aesthetic or functional reasons. Here's a simple way to make links less visible using CSS:

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.hidden-link {
display: none;
Then, in your HTML, you can apply this class to the links you want to hide:

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<a href="" class="hidden-link">Hidden Link</a>
This will hide the link from the user, but keep in mind that it's still accessible through the HTML source code or by inspecting the page. If you're trying to prevent users from accessing certain links, this approach won't provide real security.

Always prioritize transparency and ethical practices when working with links on the web. If you have specific use cases or concerns, providing more context could help in offering a more targeted solution.
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