de-listing our website

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de-listing our website

Post by tiltpar »


Our website: and LPs inside are blocked and listed on
It recognizes our images as ads and they're not.
Also the email submit form is blocked - we're a major company which full complies with the CAN-SPAM act and multiple regional restrictions.
We make sure all of the user who submits to our newsletters are 18+ and provide clear opt-out option.

Please de-list our site.

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Re: de-listing our website

Post by greiner »

Since we're not managing the rules ourselves, there's not much we can do other than refer you back to EasyList, sorry.

However, I can try to help you get in touch with them. I'm not aware of any email submit form though, because the only contact options they mention on their website are their forum and their email address (see Therefore I'd suggest trying out those.

Alternatively, they also have a GitHub presence over at, where you could create an issue for specific filter lists that they're maintaing.
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