Adblock on my TV

Everything about using Adblock Plus on Samsung Browser
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Adblock on my TV

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Hi there,
I have a Samsung Smart TV (I think its this model, where advertisements are displayed in the middle of YouTube videos. It's annoying and I don't want that. I totally forgot that such a thing existed. Thanks to the ad blocker on my Mac, this is not noticeable in normal, everyday life. Now I have a nice 4K TV and wanted to run one or the other video, and bang in the silence comes a commercial that is much louder than the video.
Is there a way I can install Adblock on my TV? I'm not good with tech, so it would be good if you could guide me step by step
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Re: Adblock on my TV

Post by lester18rz »

I wish we could use AdBlock extension on Android as well, especially in Chrome.
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