3 questions about Adblock Plus android app

Everything about using the stand-alone Adblock Plus app on Android
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3 questions about Adblock Plus android app

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1.) Is the Adblock Plus android app still in development or obsolete (because of the new adblock browser)? Will the be addon supported any further if the adblock browser is in stable state?

2.) Is the app working with the android chrome browser?

3.) What has a better data savings? Using chrome compression oder adblock app?

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Re: 3 questions about Adblock Plus android app

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  1. Yes, it still is in development, although it's currently (well, for a few months now) on hold, as we wanted to get Adblock Browser out. Yes, we will further support and develop Adblock Plus for Android
  2. Yes. (As it is a proxy, it probably works with all browsers.)
  3. Compression can only try to reduce the size of a data transfer, Adblock Plus for Android can eliminate such a data transfer (if it is blocked content). So, the compression proxy tries to reduce all traffic, while Adblock Plus for Android only blocks selected content. Best thing is to try both solutions and see what you like best.
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