[last builds] ABP for android

Everything about using the stand-alone Adblock Plus app on Android
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[last builds] ABP for android

Post by nikki »

I am downloading ad block plus from chrome using my HTC sensation xe. Downloading the app was simple the only thing that went wrong was when I wanted to install. I was given two buttons at the bottom of my screen wether to cancel or install the ad block but I could only press the cancel button and not the installl button.!!
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Re: the install button doesn't work!!!

Post by markTwain »

I added ADP about eight times.
My impression is that even when you press install and the message says "downloading," it's not.
I suggest you go to another download site until it actually installs and you can see it in apps (I have it on Firefox under addons).
There were many more steps then when I previously thought I added it to my tablet.
(I can't remember where I downloaded it, otherwise I would tell you.)
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Re: the install button doesn't work!!!

Post by mapx »


Re: the install button doesn't work!!!

Post by Brolly »

Do you have an app called 'Twilight' installed?

I had this same problem and when I disabled it, I was able to press the install button.

Hope this helps.


Re: the install button doesn't work!!!

Post by andrewoo »

Wouldn't work for me with nightmode app running

Re: the install button doesn't work!!!

Post by tetrambs »

Yep, the solution was to temporarly disable lux lite.
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Re: [last builds] the install button doesn't work

Post by mr_mean »

I am also stuck on the installation confirmation page. The install button does not work but the cancel button does. I verified that it downloaded from various different websites but all are the same. I do not have the apps twilight or lux. So I am at a loss as to what next steps are.

I am trying to install it on a rooted Onda tablet w/ android 4.4.3 and a moto x 2nd gen also with android 4.4.3 but not rooted. Both have the same installation problem. :cry:

Thanks for any help you can give,
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