German translation error

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German translation error

Post by JHubi »

I've been using this extension for a while, but today I noticed the bottom scroller. (The one with the smartphone download)
I also noticed a translation error there right away. In the third tab, the one with the rate, there is a spelling mistake in the German translation.


Instead of 'ABP' should be there 'APP'.
I am happy to make something better in this extension.
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Re: German translation error

Post by greiner »

Thanks for taking the time to report this. The "ABP" in that text refers to "Adblock Plus", as shown in the logo, so it's not a spelling mistake.

We usually use the word "extension" instead of "app" when referring to Adblock Plus for Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Opera, because they're not Android or macOS/iOS apps but Web Extensions.
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