"Number of calls" and "Av. ex. time" not

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"Number of calls" and "Av. ex. time" not

Post by SD-DAken »

  1. Open a blank tab
  2. Open JavaScript Deobfuscator
  3. Type

    Code: Select all

    javascript:document.write('<script>function foo() {document.write("text")} window.setInterval(foo, 1000);</script>')
    into the location bar
  4. [enter]
  5. Press "Pause recording" in JavaScript Deobfuscator
  • "Number of calls" keeps increasing
  • "Average execution time" goes crazy
Expected result:
  • Both values should not change (i.e. stay at the value displayed when pressing pause)
Wladimir Palant

Post by Wladimir Palant »

Thanks for reporting this issue, fixed: http://hg.mozdev.org/adblockplus/rev/fb8a2cbb07e4
This will be part of the next release (will take a while unfortunately, reviews on addons.mozilla.org seem to take several weeks these days).

Also noticed an annoying bug in Firefox 3.0 - when you press "Pause recording" button it doesn't show up as pressed so you cannot tell whether recording is currently stopped. This is fixed in Firefox 3.5 and I don't see any work-around do Firefox 3.0 right now.