Adblock plugin on Samsung internet blocking our first party cookie

Everything about using Adblock Plus on Samsung Browser
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Adblock plugin on Samsung internet blocking our first party cookie

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we are a czech based company, we have several websites. We have number of affiliate partners and we use a first party cookie to store identifier of affiliate that brought client so that we credit commissions correctly.

We have received some missing commission claims from affiliate partners within last 10 months. Upon setting up Log, we have found out that majority of these issues have happened for visitors that come via Samsung Internet browser.

We tested this - and found out the tracking cookie EOTracking is being blocked on mobile devices with Samsung Internet browser if Adblock addon is activated.

Device where it was simulated:
Samsung Galaxy A33 5G
Android 12
Samsung Internet version
AdBlock for Samsung Internet active
the cookie name is EOTracking. The cookie is set from GTM via a custom js script.

Url to validate bug e.g.: ... ource=test
It happens accross all our websites that use this tracking cookie.
We are not displaying any third party ads on our websites and we ask that this first party cookie is whitelisted. Blocking it harms our business and causes us excessive administration costs.
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