Still see ads

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Still see ads

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Hi All
Have installed the free version of Adblock plus but still get ads .. Is this because i haven,t donated any money
I cant see the point of donating money if it doesn,t work .. I be willing to donate if it stops the ads ..Thank you ..Gary
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Re: Still see ads

Post by greiner »

Hi Gary. No donation is required for blocking ads, and we're more than happy that you're using Adblock Plus for free.

There are various different reasons for why ads aren't blocked. For example, there are some websites that try everything in their power to force their ads on their visitors. Some of the rules we use to block ads may not be effective anymore and need to be updated. And then there could also be problems such as bugs in the extension or in the browser you're using.

So either the problem goes away on its own, because we constantly work on improving capabilities, updating the rules and fixing bugs. But we're also happy to receive additional information from issue reports that you can send to us by clicking on the "Report an issue on this page" button in the Adblock Plus icon popup.
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