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Everything about using Adblock Plus on Microsoft Edge
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Yahoo mail

Post by ashburnsp »

For some reason, Adblock 3.17.1 in Firefox blocks sponsored ads at the top of your inbox, but Adblock 3.20 in Edge does not. I tried to install 3.17.1 on Edge from archives but for some reason 3.20 installed instead. Is this a bug?
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Re: Yahoo mail

Post by borisf98 »

First, you have to uninstall AdblockPlus. Then you have to unpack/unzip the saved old version of AdblockPlus into a folder. Next, you have to remove extension update address from extension manifest JSON file. And finally, drag said folder into Edge extension page.

Personally, I have the latest version of AdblockPlus on Edge and no ads on Yahoo Mail.
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