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After updating app, my gmail is not loading in browser

Posted: Wed Nov 30, 2022 5:37 pm
by Rush56

Since i updated app, my gmail recieved mails does not update upon opening. Keeps checking.. What was changed?

However when i click sidebar under labels and click spam or anything else it loads then back to recieved it will load. Have to repeat each time.

And another problem. I was struggling before to remove grouping of tabs, now they are again appearing in groups after update. Is so annoying. I forgot how to disable that. Took quite some time before to disable this.

Please help with these 2 problems. I fear deleting and reinstalling as bookmarks may be erased. Been searching around how to save them and did not find a way. Is there any? This is really a big flow. In my opinion this is one of most important things to fix, as ive been using this browser for quite some time and still cant export bookmarks.

Edit: ok i managed to disable tab grouping. Could you make that permanently disabled in future releases/updates? I dont think people like that. Or at least make a setting to disable them without visiting chrome://flags?