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How to add custom filters (firefox / chromium browsers)

Posted: Fri Oct 23, 2015 3:30 pm
by mapx
ABP web extension - new options page:
- click ABP icon, options (click last icon on top right), click "advanced" settings (on the left)
- go to the bottom: "my filter list"
- click "edit filters"
- add the filter
- click "save"


firefox (old ABP, pre-webext):
click ABP icon, filter preferences, "custom filters" tab, if you dont see any filters group create 1, then paste the filters in the right panel (if you don't see the panel ==> drag the vertical pointed line on the right to the left)

chrome / opera / safari - old versions
chrome: click ABP icon, options, "add your own filters" tab, add the filters 1 by 1
or if you want to add more filters ==> click "Edit filters as raw text", then paste all the filters in the panel and click "Apply changes"