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What about "acceptable analytics" like Piwik ?

Posted: Sun Feb 14, 2016 3:53 pm
by Valeryan_24

I have a question regarding, not exactly ads thereselves, but possibility to also add in the whitelist some "acceptable analytics" tools which fully repect user privacy and anonymity.

This is related to the topic on Easyprivacy here :

Of course Easylists are community managed and Adblock Plus is not involved directly in their content, but there are proposed at installation and you are in the aim of bringing better global ad system, find a solution which makes both users, webmasters, ad agencies and sellers happy (you want to open your "decison acceptable ads board" to external people if I'm right).

Here the site Next INpact removed Google Analytics, which is really intrusive and allows Google to track us among all the sites, sending us personalized advertising and knowing too much about us.

They replaced it with an open-source tool, Piwik, only used internal in their site just for some statistical informations, without interaction with any other server, and respecting privacy of users : ... r-tous.htm

No complete IP address used, https everywhere, possibility to desactivate Piwik in our NXI premium account options, respect of browser DoNotTrack preference and French CNIL recommandations about privacy (no cookie prorogation, opt-out etc...) : ... _piwik.pdf

But nevertheless, rule ||^ has benn added to Easyprivacy.
Moreover, adding this rule also blocks some CSS used elsewhere on the home page.

OK, we have to protect ourselves from ads and tracking, and some sites abuse a lot, but when it's done with privacy respect and choice given to opt out, should the rule be put in list and working by default for everyone ?

In this case, it's not encouraging people to do some efforts by installing Piwik and configuration with anonymazing options : why caring if it's already blocked, lets' keep Google Analytics for all users...

I think we must also be responsible and not block everything new without looking exactly what it does. I don't know if the aim is to avoid every possible analytic tool, or only those used for tracking, big data identification and advertising.

So do you think ABP whitelist should also take in account the "acceptable statistical anonym analytics" ?

Re: What about "acceptable analytics" like Piwik ?

Posted: Sat Mar 12, 2016 10:22 pm
by fanboy
I can understand why Easylist would work given its the default list, but Easyprivacy isn't a default list and its chosen/installed by the user.

With the "acceptable analytics" , We would now overriding something actually chosen and installed by the end user, that is a slippery slope.