Experiencing Youtube Ads???

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Experiencing Youtube Ads???

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Hello All!

We are aware of the new Youtube ads and rest assured we are working to get this resolved. What we know is that many users are experiencing this but not all users. This makes it tricky to isolate and combat the issue, since there hasn't been full roll out of this tactic. While we work on overcoming the latest Youtube circumvention effort, try these work arounds in the meantime.

1. Sign out of your Youtube accounts...this resolves the ads in most cases

2. If the first suggestion doesn't work try visiting youtube in private window.

How to open private window??

Safari- Click on File > New Private Window
Chrome- Click the red arrow in the right corner of the browser > New incognito Window
Firefox- Click the 3 lines in the right corner of the browser > New Private Window
Opera- Click on File > New Private Window

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