I love Adblock Plus but....!!!

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I love Adblock Plus but....!!!

Post by WestonMicah »

I am finding that even if I "Allow some non-intrusive advertising" I still get bothered about my adblocker by legit websites. Alot of legit news media sites, even the major harass me with popups about it. I would the advertisers on these sites would have worked to get on the non-intrusive list by adjusting to guidelines that Adblock Plus requires to get on that list.
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Re: I love Adblock Plus but....!!!

Post by sbell »

Hi @WestonMicah!

We are aware that more sites are requiring our users to turn off their ad blockers. It is legally within their right to request this, but we do not think it is a best practice for promoting a fully sustainable web. Not to worry we are investigating ways to legally combat this to better serve our users. Stay tuned for updates on this.

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