Rooted BLU Studio Life 2 Not Working

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Rooted BLU Studio Life 2 Not Working

Post by SamIam21 »

I just got the phone, rooted and installed ABP with no issues. ABP creates a notification that says ads are blocked, but it's not working.

I read about the IP tables, that seems to have been already patched, but I went looking for the ABP install directory to try it anyway - I can't find anything, even with hidden files enabled. I set superSU to start at boot, and the notification from ABP stopped, but the ads are not getting blocked.

Is the directory structure only visible via shell or something? Anyone have a suggestion?

Device model: BLU Studio Life 2
Android version: 5.0 Lollipop
Root software used: SuperSU Free v2.4.6
Adblock version: 1.3 build 359
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Re: Rooted BLU Studio Life 2 Not Working

Post by rach »

Hi SamIam21!

Thanks for reaching out to us.
Is it possible that you send us screenshots of the notifications you are getting? For that you need to use an image hoster like, for example.
Does the problem persist if you try rebooting your phone or uninstalling and reinstalling the ABP app?
Also, have you tried Adblock Browser? I has got many cool features.

All the best,
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