Stops working daily

Everything about using the stand-alone Adblock Plus app on Android
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Stops working daily

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I have Adblocker plus installed on my Nexus 5 phone which runs android 5.1.1. I also have it installed on my Asus transformer tablet which runs android 4.4. Every morning when I wake up and I check my phone, the notifications tell me that ads are no longer blocked over Wi-Fi. The only way I can get them to be blocked again is to turn the phone off and then back on. I have tried just turning off the Wi-Fi and then turning it back on but it will only stop ads again if I turn my phone completely off. When I turn it back on, it within a minute or two I get the notification that the ads are once again blocked. On my Transformer tablet, however, I have continuous coverage and have never had to turn it off in order to start re-blocking ads. On both devices, I have the refresh settings set to refresh periodically. What should I do to keep continuous coverage on my phone?

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Re: Stops working daily

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I was having the same issue. It also would give me a date in 2017 so I wasn't sure if it was telling me that it was blocking until 2017 at which time I would have to do something to continue blocking.

In any case it was blocking ads in one app and wouldn't let me play one f my games, Today I rooted my device and in looking for apps I could use with a rooted device I came across an app called AdAway (it's free but requires root). It's not available on the Google App store but search for it on the web. The app uses a host list and has completely wiped out ads on all apps I have tried so far. It doesn't even show a box where there ads should be. They are just gone. Banner ads, full page ads, video ads, gone. Even better, it doesn't use a proxy so games I couldn't use with APB (even when turned off) work fine.

I am amazed because it was getting to the point I was going to delete apps because the ads were so relentless. Banner ads are one thing but full screen ads, especially video ads that you can't close for 5 seconds, were happening every time I did anything with the app,
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