AdBlock Plus Samsung Galaxy S4 4.4.4 rooted - my solution

Everything about using the stand-alone Adblock Plus app on Android
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AdBlock Plus Samsung Galaxy S4 4.4.4 rooted - my solution

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First a little background:
- I had a Samsung Galaxy S4 4.4.x (I believe it was 4.4.s)
- It was a rooted device, and AdBlock Plus was working fantastic on WiFi and LTE
- I don't have the specific version of ABP, as I've wiped the phone

I got a factory replacement phone (Galaxy S4) and it had 4.4.4 on it. I've rooted the phone off the back, but installing ABP gave me problems. I got the APK from this link: devbuilds/adblockplusandroid/00latest.apk This installed .359 for me... and although I gave it root rights via SuperSU, adds were not blocked.

I moved on to doing many searches and saw comments about not being able to do it at all and about all the manual workarounds (see android-config-samsung-galaxy-s3). Nothing was satisfactory to me.

Lastly, I got the latest latest (.361) from this page: ... usandroid/
After install and root allowance, I got the message that a manual proxy that needed to be installed for WiFi only. After doing the steps, I was able to get ABP to work when on WiFi. Now we're getting somewhere! This left nasty ads while on my LTE (data via my carrier) connection.

To get by this, I went to the Settings | Connections | More networks | Mobile Networks | Access Point Names
I had the T-Mobile US LTE (default) setting there. I went down the road of writing down all the settings... for you, I'll save you this step and tell you to simply google "APN settings ____" where ____ is your carrier. For me, this would have been great: ... iguration/
In addition to the settings listed, I added the proxy localhost:2020 and b00m! We now have ABP blocking ads regardless of WiFi or Carrier data.

Hopefully this helps everyone. If someone sees mistakes or has suggestions on easing the process, feel free to correct me (I appreciate in advance).
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Re: AdBlock Plus Samsung Galaxy S4 4.4.4 rooted - my solution

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Thanks for sharing your experience! I'm sure this will help many users.

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