Adblock causes of Internet connection problems

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Re: Adblock causes of Internet connection problems

Post by rach »

Hey cmmc!

Thanks for reaching out to us.
Could you send us screenshots? You need to use an image hoster like, for example.
Have you tried Adblock Browser?

All the best,
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Re: Adblock causes of Internet connection problems

Post by cmmc »

I haven't tried the browser because I was hoping the proxy would block in-app ads as well as browser ads; unfortunately that's not working either - I keep getting ads even when I block those apps from the wifi (with Netguard: ... e.netguard), on top of abp proxy.

For a screenshot of play store please refer to @vaga4ever's post - it's the exact same message I get. In gmail i get this:

edit: also happens in the bank website, and disabling abp filtering doesn't help, you need to disable the proxy, bypassing abp altogether.

edit 2: nvm, returned the tablet; no more android for me.
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Re: Adblock causes of Internet connection problems

Post by Rae333 »

I still have this problem. Samsung Galaxy SIII, Android 4.3. ABP 1.3 369. I had the same problem when I was running 1.3 359.

I constantly (read: several times an hour) get the DNS probe bad config-error when I use the localhost/port2020 proxy. SSL connections fail nine times out of ten.

I read that it's because ABP cannot filter https websites. Is there a way for me to put ALL https websites/servers on the proxy bypass list, without having to manually add every server/site I wish to use?
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