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Re: WiFi Internet stops workin on Android with Adblock installed

Posted: Thu Feb 12, 2015 10:14 am
by Trophyguy
I LEARNED of the program adblockplus exactly 37 minutes ago. I read the F. U. Google posts from when they took the program off the store... And then I installed the recommended version, changed the advanced settings to localhost & 2020... And of course I had the same problem everyone else is seemingly having.

Not being what you Einstein's would call exactly "Computer Literate"... (that's a compliment by the way) I'm also not exactly ILliterate... As my best friend was the first ISP our little town of 15,000 here in WI oh 25 some years ago. (Bonus points if you remember how COOL the 5.5" Floppy with the AMAZING Verbatim demo was... Man... To STILL have that ole' Kapro 286i... I do believe that I'd have it Bronzed if I still had it!)

(sorry.... The age thing.. Getting a little senile now that I'm pushing 44...) off topic... OK sorry... ANYWAY! Upon disabling WiFi & searching "Making adblockplus work on Android 4.4.4" on of course.. Google... I found a link to: ... usandroid/

Install the latest build, (mine just updated without having to uninstall or touch the version of adblockplus that I had) & walla! After turning WiFi back on... Both my 3G & 5G connections work great. My "localhost & 2020" custom connection settings took, the latest Filter Subscription updated... & I have little if any lag or hang time. If anything the pages load faster on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 w/4.4.4.

So try the link above, install the latest build.. & you won't have to WAIT the LOOOOONNNGGG HORRIBLY TIRING 39 total minutes it took from Becoming aware of adblockplus... To enjoying a great product! (and no! I wasn't being arrogant! It just really upset me it took me so long to figure out the solution. Having something you once "OWNED".. I. E. Technology & problem solving skills & ability simply pass you by because it develops at an astounding rate is a real bitch! Lol. (Youngest authorized Certified Master SHARP ELECTRONICS Copier & Fax technician in the country at age 19)

Take care! Trophyguy

Re: WiFi Internet stops workin on Android with Adblock installed

Posted: Thu Feb 12, 2015 10:43 am
by lewisje
Harry_Parker wrote:I think Adblock and AdAway and other ad blockers were removed from Play by Google to protect ad generated revenue for developers using ads for free apps. This encourages paying for the ad free versions which supports app developers. You can still install from a backup if you have one.
I don't know about AdAway, but ABP for Android has been distributed outside the Play Store for its whole existence (before it entered the Play Store, while it was in the Play Store, and after Google kicked it out of the Play Store).

Re: WiFi Internet stops workin on Android with Adblock installed

Posted: Sat May 16, 2015 11:25 pm
by tommiy
I've a Samsung S4 (4.3) and when Version 1.3 build 359 of adblock plus is installed and enabled it causes the wifi unstable internet message to appear. It also stops MMS messages from being downloaded.

Disable Adblock plus and everything is perfect.

Guess this is a long standing issue with Adblock plus by the looks.