Is it possible to block pop-ups?

Everything about using the stand-alone Adblock Plus app on Android
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Is it possible to block pop-ups?

Post by Steelguitarlane »

It seems inconceivable that a built on privacy and blocking ads would not have a pop-up blocker, but if this browser has one, I can't find it.
So if I follow a link to a news article on PBS, I get a pop-up graying out the page asking if "X is my local PBS station", where X is based on the carrier-assigned ip address (which can be hundreds of miles away), and oodles of sites giving me the odious opportunity to subscribe to push notifications (why in hell are they a good idea?) and other annoying crap that Brave is happy to hide from me.
How do I block the pop-ups?
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Re: Is it possible to block pop-ups?

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yes it is possible. I found a way to block the pop-up windows, when you open the new website...
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