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Wladimir Palant

IMPORTANT: Please read before commenting

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What is this subforum about?

Adblock Plus 2.0 introduced a feature called Allow non-intrusive advertising. Users who have it enabled are subscribed to a special filter list, mostly with exceptions for ads considered not intrusive. Here our community can discuss the exceptions before they are added to the list. This process is being discussed here.

What kind of comments is not welcome here?
  • Discussion of the "non-intrusive ads" feature or the process by which it is managed - please take that elsewhere.
  • Subjective statements like "I hate that ad".
  • Judgments made based on the company behind the ad rather than the ad itself.
We might remove comments that fall into these categories.

What kind of comments are expected here?
  • Objective criteria by which the advertising cannot count as non-intrusive (e.g. "Too large, makes the user scroll down to see the content").
  • Technical concerns (e.g. whitelisting too much)
  • Filter improvement proposals
The first point is particularly important because we currently don't have a usable list of such criteria and we would like to improve the list under en/acceptable-ads#criteria.

How can I get my website whitelisted?

You cannot create topics in this forum. Please go to en/acceptable-ads#application