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Re: Adding reddit.com to Acceptable Ads

Post by koch12 »

gamblA22 wrote:Agree with Till. The discussion here should stick to the initial question: Do we regard reddit.com's ads as acceptable according to the well-defined criteria from the community?
My opinion: I think reddit's text ads (sponsored links) are fully in line with the criteria of acceptable ads. They should be rewarded for their approach.
True, but they have to be constantly observed if they stick to the rules. The abp guys must handle that. I love reddit but I hate annoying ads.
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Re: Adding reddit.com to Acceptable Ads

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Guess it wouldn't hurt. i think most people have Adblock+ disabled on Reddit anywho. More importantly, can we get the Silly Moose thanking us for using Adblock Plus as an Acceptable Ad as well?
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Re: Adding reddit.com to Acceptable Ads

Post by Till »

I think everyone has agreed that Reddit ads meet the criteria for Acceptable Ads. They have now been added to the whitelist. Thanks everyone for participating!
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