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blockable / blocked items list in ABP for chrome

Posted: Thu Feb 04, 2016 12:26 pm
by mapx
Bringing "blockable items" to Chrome, introducing the Adblock Plus developer tools panel

How to use it:
  • - go to the page where you want to see the lists of items (blockable, blocked, hidden, whitelisted)
    - right click on page, click inspect ( or press ctrl-shift-I )
    - click on the new "Adblock Plus" tab
    - refresh the page (or press F5)
Now you can filter the requests (all, blocked, whitelisted) or the type (image, script, popup, ...)
Hover the mouse on the various items and you'll be able to "block item", "add exception".

The new filters will be added in the custom filters section ("add your own filters" tab in ABP options / or for the new options page: advanced, my filter list).

The feature can be disabled from ABP options ("General" tab, "Show 'Adblock Plus' panel in the developer tools" entry)

Once on the panel there is a search option too ==> press CTRL-F