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Two Sets of Ads

Posted: Tue Nov 09, 2021 2:58 pm
by nasocci
first of all, I understand that this is the Adblock Plus forum, but I didn't get any answers in the google forum.

can anyone explain to me how sites show two different sets of Ads?
My guess is they use Admanager and just block/show certain Ads depending on the visitor having Adblock Plus.
Is it even allowed by Google?
You can see clearly here that people are using different Ads depending on people having Adblock Plus or not.
They got whitelisted by Adblock Plus and show only Ads conforming to Adblock Plus Standards, BUT
if the visitor is not having Adblock Plus or any Adblock Plugin for that matter they show video Ads/animated Ads and more.
Can anyone explain to me how it is done or point me in der right direction?
Thank you